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Our Methodology

Anchor 1

Pre work and diagnostics

  • To understand the industry and business specifics, the challenges, the needs, the aspirations,

  • Map the audience demographics and thus decide and design the learning objectives and flow

  • Situations and cases to be customized as per the industry

  • Use of the same parlance and understanding as internal to the brand

Workshop Delivery

  • Actual delivery using the 3 E’s approach – Evolve (The conceptual frame) Enable (Being A culture builder) Empower (Being the Ambassador and Catalyst)

  • Respect for individual pace and style

  • Discussion and activity-oriented

  • Reflection, feedback and probing driven 

Post Workshop

  • Consultative report highlighting the workshop highlights, the audience strengths and limitations, key observations and salient recommendations

  • A learning docket with some self-learning modules and a pdf of all the key workshop slides for retrieval and self-reference

  • Pre and post learning behavioural mapping

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