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Being the Double Bagger

A workshop that redefines attitude, accountability, and abilities to serve the customers

The Spirit of Service

A workshop that focuses on key global RATER factors of customer delight and engagement

Strengths-Based Service Excellence

A workshop for Service Leaders to understand their innate talents and put them to use for their customers and teams

Branded Customer Service

A brand lab that helps define the Service DNA, competitive advantage, service value propositioning, service vision, Must-Win-Battles, and On-Brand behaviors

Each Link Matters

A workshop that facilitates collaboration, communication, and de-siloing for presenting a unified face to the end customers

Complaint Is A Gift

A workshop that focuses on the science, the art, and the craft behind managing complaints and customer feedback and assessing one’s own capabilities to do so

The Customer Eccentric Leader

A workshop that certifies managers on critical service skills and looking at creating a customer-centric culture within their teams through discussions, coaching, training, and leading by examples

Leaving A Brand Impact
A Train The trainer workshop series with content designing and preparation of Line, HR and Service managers and Internal Trainers on the content for training the respective teams for sustained Service Excellence and Engagement



Service Audits and Benchmarking
This encompasses an intervention to measure the levels of existing service standards and systems, their efficacy, the VOC and redefining and evaluating the standards on a monthly basis with improvement projects, coaching, boardroom discussions and customer rendez-vous


Service Visioning 
This includes a diagnositics, engagement survey, customer pulse maps and a strategic alignment workshop followed by engagement activities and workshops across the organization to create a defined service culture 

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