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Celebrating Women Leaders

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Empower Your Women Leaders
with our
Leaders in Lipstick® Leadership
Development Program

A boutique offering of Immersive Experiential Learning Journey – A suggested Leadership intervention for Women who are meant to Lead


Examine differences in communication styles between men and women in the workplace

Understand the attitudes, values, and beliefs of others in order to communicate more effectively

Identify what constitutes positive and negative communication and learn how to interpret the signals you give and receive

Learn which of your behaviors leads to positive outcomes and why?

Goal setting – motivation to change

Discover your unique communication style in a team environment, recognize your strengths and weaknesses and how they affect others


Identify the communication style of others, and adapt your approach to improve working relationships

Understand team dynamics to create a positive team working environment


Develop an effective style – matching it with team member needs

Understand the differences between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviours and their impact

Develop strategies to manage aggressive or passive responses

Develop techniques which will help you to project confidence


Overcome a passive style and command respect from former peers, younger or older employees


Techniques to avoid being manipulated while conducting yourself professionally


How to avoid being bullied and retain your self-respect

Define conflict and why it is needed within the workplace

Explore gender conflict

Recognize your personal conflict management strategies and those employed by others

Understand how to ‘map’ a conflict by identifying the issues, the parties, the needs

Determine the most appropriate conflict management resolution strategy to adopt

Overcoming self-limiting patterns as a female negotiator


Observing gender differences with negotiation tactics


Developing assertive behaviors to strengthen your negotiating position


How to handle ‘dirty tricks’ and gender issues

Discover the impact of your own communication style and how to adapt it for positive outcomes

Managing the predictable, the unexpected and the potential

Take charge of your future

Devise your own career action plan

Develop a Personal Action Plan based on course topics, including how to monitor progress and how to measure success

Recognise your responsibilities as an employee relating to sexual harassment

Identify actions to avoid so that you don’t engage in unacceptable or unwelcome behaviour

Respond appropriately if you are confronted with sexually harassing behaviour.

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